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Do you feel you need to take your business card to the next level? Are you wanting to standout from the crowd but not sure how to? Well, it can be done by including Spot UV into your design. Also referred to as Spot Gloss or Spot Varnish, this effect can completely change the look of your custom designed business card and other printed products such as postcards, presentation folders and flyers.

What is Spot UV?
It’s a shiny layer that’s added to the entire card design or selected areas. After printing, a clear glossy UV coating is applied to select areas of the card. Theses areas can be a logo, photo or even as a blind pattern to create highlights, contrast and dimension.

It’s a simple printing process that’s one of the most popular printing techniques available.

Benefits of Spot UV

    Ultimate Shine
    Environmentally Friendly
    Resist Smudging
    High Clarity

    Below are some examples of business cards with Spot UV:

    Silk laminated business card with Spot UV printed by Printlo

    Silk Laminated Business Card with Spot UV

    Business Cards make a first and lasting impression for you and your brand or organization. Enhance your business card with Spot UV.

    This effect can completely change the look of your business cards and other printed products such as postcard, presentation folders and flyers.

    So this is time BOOST your business identity. Shop your UV Visiting Cards by selecting Spot UV Visiting Cards in option. Click Here to go to shop

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