1. How do I join the Printlo Affiliate Program?

We work with Affiliate Window or Commission Junction to power our affiliate program.

If you don’t yet have an Affiliate Window or Commission Junction account, you’ll need to register for one before applying to join the Printlo Affiliate Program.  

If you already have an Affiliate Window or Commission Junction account, you can easily apply to the Printlo Affiliate Program here:

You can find a full list of restrictions in the Printlo Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions.

2. What happens after I’ve signed up?

If your registration is approved, you’ll be eligible to apply for the Printlo Affiliate Program.

3. How do I get started and set up links on my site?

Great question! Once you’re approved as a Printlo affiliate you can access a range of links and banners through your account.

We will send regular updates with new products and offers which you can promote.

4. How much can I earn in commission?

There isn’t a limit to the amount of commission you can earn through the Printlo Affiliate Program. Lucky you! Commissions are paid for sales that are legitimately referred to Printlo.com from your site, via your affiliate account.

5. How and when am I paid?

You can choose from direct deposit (BACS), cheques or International Wire Transfer payment methods. The choice is yours!

More details can be found here.

6. Are there any costs involved with becoming a Printlo affiliate?

Application to Commission Junction and the Printlo Affiliate Program is totally free. There is a small £5 activation fee associated with registering an Affiliate Window account, but this is refunded in your first payment. There are no other costs (e.g. minimum sales requirements or fees) associated with becoming a Printlo affiliate.

7. Can I monitor sales myself?

Within your affiliate account you can monitor sales, click through rates, revenue, your commission amounts and many other statistics daily. You will have access to a range of reports so you can learn how your links are performing.

Please note: commissions are manually validated by a member of the Printlo Affiliate Team, and therefore many not always instantly appear within your reports.

9. What are my responsibilities as a Printlo affiliate?

We’re glad you asked! It’s your job to help drive customers to Printlo.com and create sales of Printlo’s innovative print products. You will not be expected to fulfil orders or handle customer service queries – you can leave that to us! You must make sure that you adhere to the Printlo Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions – ensuring that the material on your site is appropriate and that you use the links provided to you through the affiliate networks so that sales can be accurately tracked.

10. What are the Terms & Conditions of the Printlo Affiliate Program?

Our Printlo Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions can be found here.

Please read this agreement carefully as you are required to adhere to the Terms & Conditions in order to remain an affiliate on our program.

11. Can I earn commission on my own purchases?

Yes, you are able to earn commission on your own purchases from Printlo.com. It’s a great way to save money on frequent Printlo purchases, or gain a ‘kick-back’ on orders you’re placing for clients. You can find out more about our commission structure here.

12. How will you know that the orders came from my site?

All banners and deeplinks to Printlo.com from your relevant network will track all orders that originate from your website. Your unique affiliate identification number will distinguish you from other affiliates and ensure you receive the relevant commission as yours is the last click on the user journey. If you are unsure whether you are using the correct link or not, please contact the Printlo affiliate team who will be able to assist you.

13. Are commissions paid if orders are cancelled or returned?

No, if an order is cancelled or returned we will not validate the commission. We also reserve the right to decline commissions on any orders believed to be fraudulent, use a non-affiliate issued promotional code or are ordered and shipped internationally.

14. Do affiliates process orders and handle customer service questions instead of Printlo?

No, you needn’t worry about all that! Printlo is fully responsible for processing and printing orders and handling customer service questions.

15. I own more than one web site. Can I still be a Printlo affiliate?

You sure can! We’re happy to accept affiliates on to the Printlo Affiliate Program with more than one site. Your account should list all your websites and provide information on each. For a single account with multiple websites you will receive a combined payment from the affiliate network, but be able to track performance for each website individually.

16. What if my application to the Printlo Affiliate Program is denied?

In order to build the best affiliate program in the business, we aim to accept only the best applications. We will likely decline any application deemed to be inappropriate, incomplete or would be in violation of the Printlo Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions.

Before making an application to the program, please make sure your website is online: this gives us the opportunity to learn more about you and your site and the ways we can work together.

If you feel your application was denied by mistake, or you have made the necessary changes to your application following an initial declination, please re-apply. In some circumstances your application may still be declined. If you still wish to join the Printlo Affiliate Program, please contact us directly.

17. I need to contact someone regarding the Printlo Affiliate Program. How can I do this?

If the frequently asked questions above do not answer your specific question, you can contact us. We aim to respond by email within two working days, during UK office hours.

If you have issues directly related to your account (such as forgetting your login details or questions about payment), please seek help from your affiliate network.